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Write Argumentative Essay

thesis is likely much better than no thesis at all.

In argumentative essay, you need to support or contest an issue using gathered evidence or you opinion

Building a Good Argumentative Essay

The following draft is here to show how you can build up a good argumentative essay; it represents the basic archetype to follow in putting together argumentative essay, whether this paper is a college essay, a university dissertation, or a magazine article.  There are basic rules you should follow to build a good argumentative essay:

  • Brief introduction is needed
  • Use only facts and real statistics
  • Aim for connection with reader
  • Revision can provide you with new ideas

An “argument essay” is best known as an essay that states a point or says something, and attempts to confront it or support this state with evidence that is trying to convince the reader of the accuracy and validity of this point. This kind of essay is different from the kind of paper which merely presents information. Argumentative essays are more challenging to write because you are not only presenting information but also have to adapt and refine it.

These instructions are presented in a draft form merely to make it more apparent that a good essay is put together progressively. If you are writing in your free time not tied by time limits, it is easy to follow this outline at your opportunity; if you are time boxed, or if you have to answer an essay question on an exam, you can still keep in mind this instruction and it to build your argumentative essay before you start writing.

  • Understand your assignment — what is expected? What’s going on in this writing situation?
  • Research — look for appropriate academic resources for your paper, the resources that can be useful
  • Brainstorm — generate ides and choose the best of them those that fit most appropriate
  • Outline — sketch and then organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Draft— how can you develop your ideas and connect your thoughts in a coherent flow?

It is important to write your paper by yourself because your tutor can check it with anti-plagiarism software and your essay will be rejected.

Argumentative essay examples are available on our site. We have a broad range of argumentative essay topics used to help you write an effective essay that will get you an “A”.  

Following this simple guide will allow you to write a desirable argumentative essay. Practice is very important – the more essays, the better you will write. Keep improving your style and flow, work on your correction of mistakes and quality of your writing will increase drastically. If you are out of time or have other projects to do and you need your essay ASAP, you can contact and order essay writing and we will provide you with the best essay in the shortest time span.

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